Next agitation will bring Madhesi parties to size, says Raut

Siraha, January 18

Janamat Party central Chairman CK Raut today said Madhesi people had to suffer due to the election of wrong leaders. He said that the next polls would bring the existing Madhesi parties to their size.

Addressing a mass meeting organised in Lahan, Siraha, today, Raut said that nobody could cheat in the name of the Madhesi people now onwards.

Raut said that his party was ready to go to the polls and leaders looting the state coffers in the name of Madhesi people would be punished by the people. He warned that a new agitation would sweep away the wrong Madhesi leaders and propel his party to power. “People will punish looters of Madhes and elect true patriots of the Tarai/Madhes,” Raut added.

Raut said the country had no choice but to go to the polls to give a way-out to the country. “Since the case of the dissolution of the House of Representatives is sub-judice at the Supreme Court, we are waiting for the court’s verdict,” he added.