NGO/INGOs to be regulated under one-window policy: Minister Koirala

KATHMANDU: Minister for Women, Children and Social Welfare Asha Koirala said preparations are underway to regulate activities of NGO/INGOs across the nation under one-window policy.

Speaking at an interaction porgramme in Capital, on Sunday, Minister Koirala said the Ministry is preparing to amend social welfare acts to manage and regulate activities of NGO/INGOs.

Koirla further said amendment of social welfare act has been initiated.

"The budget of NGO/INGOs are in excess to Nepal's yearly budget,however, results have been disappointing, so, the act should be amended and one-window policy would be introduced," Minister Koirala added.

Minister Koilara further said 37-point action plan have been brought for the benefits of women, children and elderly citizens.

"Works have been carried out to minimise violence against women, superstitious practices and crime, Rapid Response and Action Team has been formed in local level to minimise crime," Minister shared.

"I have also initiated to increase allowances of single women, elder citizens, differently-able persons," Koirala added.

Meanwhile, the Ministry is planning to introduce programmes to address the plight of street children across the nation.