NHRC bid to rehabilitate displaced

Biratnagar, May 21:

The National Human Right Commission (NHRC) has initiated works for rehabilitation of over 500 families displaced due to Maoist conflict in the eastern region.

NHRC acting chief at regional office, Biratnagar, Pradip Jha said, the project for the rehabilitation of the displaced will start from this week after forming a team.

He said the commission has been making attempts to create a conducive atmosphere for safe return of the displaced people after holding discussion with the high level Maoist leaders.

The commission has stated that hundreds of families who have been displaced due to Maoists’ fear, threat and terror have been staying in district headquarters, Biratanagar and Kathmandu.

There are altogether 426 cases of displacement filed in the office of NHRC and INSEC in different dates, however, there might be hundreds of displaced families, who did not file any case, the commission stated.

Maoists have taken control over the houses and land of the displaced.

The commission has made different suggestions to the government regarding issue of displaced people.

Some suggestions made by the NHRC include providing compensation, launching relief package, providing salary and allowances to the displaced teachers and officials, providing relief and facilities to the elderly people, injured and displaced, providing free education to the children of those killed and displaced among others.

Meanwhile, INSEC regional office, Biratnagar, has stated that there are 363 cases of displacement filed in the office.