Nine hundred undergo free health checkups in Bhaktapur

BHAKTAPUR: At least nine hundred people underwent free health checkups at separate health camps held at Sirutar and Dadikot of Suryabinayak Municipality-1 here in the district on Saturday.

At a health camp organised by Dadikot Gamcha Savings and Credit Cooperative with Healthy Heart Clinic and Multi-Specialty's technical support, medics examined the health of 513 visitors. During the health examinations that included heart checkups, maternity and eye checkups, a dent was detected in the heart of a seven-year-old-girl Sakira Sunuwar.

Likewise, in the health camp led by Sahid Gangalal Heart Centre's specialist and Healthy Heart Clinic's Chief Dr Roshan Raut, many visitors were found to have suffered from high blood pressure, narrow health valves and swollen hearts.

According to Organiser Bikash Khadka, the health camp not only provided free checkups for a wide range of diseases but also distributed medicines for free.

Meanwhile, 355 visitors underwent eye checkups for free at the health camp organised by Useful Women Income Generating Group at Sirutar on the same day. The health camp which had technical support of the eye hospital provided medicines for free.

After the health camp, 36 visitors were referred to the Tilganga Eye Hospital for cost-free cataract surgery, informed Group's Treasurer Muna Raut.

On the occasion, 300 women also sought cost-free family planning consultations.