Nine Sherpas stand atop Mt Everest from Tibet side

KATHMANDU: A team of nine Sherpa climbers on Thursday opened a route to the top of the world highest peak from Tibet side becoming the first team to reach the summit of Mt Everest in the spring climbing season.

According to the climbers sand expedition organisers, nine rope-fixing Sherpas from Kathmandu-based Arun Treks successfully stood atop Mt Everest at around 4:30pm local time.

“While Cory Richards and I were busy climbing 2,000 feet into the clouds without supplemental oxygen, a team of nine Sherpas on oxygen went to the summit,” American Climber Adrian Ballinger shared, “the first Mt Everest summit of 2017 just occurred in perfect conditions.”

Manager at Arun Treks Thupden Sherpa also confirmed that nine Sherpas entrusted by China Tibet Mountaineering Association with the responsibility of fixing up the ropes from 8,300 m to the summit point completed their task becoming the first team to climb Mt Everest from North side this season.

With the opening a route to summit point, over 200 world climbers along with their support staff would start making their final summit pushes in a day or two, Navin Trital, Managing Director at Expedition Himalaya said.

In Nepal side, a rope fixing team plans to head towards South Col next week as bad weather has stalled the summit plan for a week, according to Gyanendra Shrestha, a liaison officer who is deputed in the Everest region.

At least 376 climbers along with their support staff have been waiting for a fair weather to make final summit pushes on the world’s highest peak from south side.