‘Nirmala’s body washed to destroy evidences’

Dhangadi, January 21

Nepali Congress Spokesperson Biswo Prakash Sharma today charged that rape and murder victim Nirmala Panta’s body was washed to destroy evidences.

Sharma today reached Panta’s home at Bhimdatta Municipality, Kanchanpur, and demanded that the government start investigation to solve the mystery. “Why was the body and clothes worn by Panta washed before being taken for cremation?” Sharma wondered. He charged that investigation was making no headway as the guilty in the incident had destroyed evidences.

Sharma said his party was ready to extend any sort of assistance to the government to probe the incident. “We will give full support to the government to investigate the incident if the government requires any

support, NC is more than ready to help the government with the investigation,” Sharma added.

Sharma threatened to launch a stern protest across the country if the government failed to book the guilty. He vented ire on the government for its failure to nab the guilty though six months had passed since the incident occurred.

Nirmala’s mother Durga Devi said she had lost hope that the guilty behind her daughter’s murder would be booked. She urged NC spokesperson Sharma to help find the guilty behind the incident.