DHANGADI: In a surprising turn of events, Durga Devi Panta, the mother of 13-year-old rape and murder victim Nirmala Panta, has now pointed towards Dilip Singh Bista, the first suspect who was released after DNA tests failed to prove his involvement in the crime.

Panta said she has seen a video recording of Bista’s statement and his account corroborates the nature of the incident site.

Moreover, Durga Devi has also filed an application asking authorities to revoke her FIR against eight police officials who were expelled on counts of tampering with evidence and torturing suspects during the investigation.

“The activists did not make changes to the FIR as I had asked,” Panta said, “I signed the FIR without knowing about it and I do not want to see an innocent person behind bars. My daughter’s soul must be given proper justice.”

Meanwhile, Women Rights Activist Sharada Chand, who has been actively involved in movements seeking justice for Nirmala, says Durga Devi Panta has spoken under threats.

Chand also accused the government of coming up with new ways to save the real perpetrator behind the crime.

Moreover, Nirmala’s father has also reiterated Chand’s narrative and said the expelled police personnel’s family and the government has forced his wife to change her statements on the matter.