No budget for conservation of endangered wildlife in Jajarkot

JAJARKOT: Stakeholders involved in the conservation of the wildlife in the district have stressed on the conservation of the endangered species of animal and bird likes of red panda and vulture.

Govinda Singh, who is involved in the conservation of birds, expressed his dissatisfaction over local levels for not allocating the budget for the conservation of vulture and red panda, adding that it would be difficult to carry on the conservation campaign.

Barekot and Nalgad rural municipalities of Jajarkot are the homes to huge number of vultures and red pandas. Similarly, another endangered bird named 'cheer pheasant' is also found there.

Singh was worried over government's negligence to the conservation of such wild animals and birds.

Lack of adequate awareness among people has caused the indiscriminate poaching of red panda, vultures and cheer pheasants. "Such species are poisoned to death, for not knowing the importance," he argued.