Sindhupalchowk, April 23

His clothes were soil-crusted, flip-flops worn-out and the recommendation issued by the concerned village development committee tattered but the 50-year-old earthquake victim of Sindhupalchowk, Mirming-4 hasn't given up hope of relief from the government.

In fact, it has been the daily routine of Furwa Tamang to visit government offices in the district headquarters. "Life has become difficult after the earthquake. I somehow managed to feed my family for a few months but it's been a real ordeal for me now that I have nothing left," lamented Furwa.


"I've already seen enough of this world but what about my kids who have many things to see and do in their life?" asked the desperate father. "After the quake buried all of our food grains, we didn't have anything to eat but still managed to cling to life somehow. But now it's very hard for me to sustain my family," he lamented.

After his house collapsed in the powerful tremor of April 25, it took three months for him to get a tent. "All I have is a tent and a bag of rice," said Furwa, who apparently didn't have any clothes other than the one he was wearing after losing everything to the quake.

"Choppers had dropped relief but only those who were strong got it," said the father of three children.

In fact, he too had got Rs 15,000 that the government had provided to erect a temporary shelter and Rs 10,000 as winter relief, but he used the amount to buy food and clothes. "I wonder how I will feed my family, including a two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, in the days to come?" he said.