No one can prevent polls, says Minister Lekhak

Dadeldhura, April 19

Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Ramesh Lekhak has claimed nobody can now prevent the local election due on May 14.

Speaking at a press conference organised by Nepal Press Union, Dadeldhura, today, the minister tried to allay fears that the polls wouldn’t happen at all, saying, “As the process has already started, there is no point in harbouring any doubt about the slated polls.”

Lekhak also argued that polls are an imperative to help facilitate constitution implementation. “The country will slip into a dangerous abyss if the constitution is not implemented. Hence, the need for polls,” he said.

Asked about the controversial tweet of Home Minister Bimalendra Nidhi, Lekhak urged all and to take the tweet positively. “He just meant to say there were difficulties in holding the polls if all the parties did not participate in the election, not that the poll was impossible,” he opined.

The minister also informed that the government was in constant communication with  Madhes-based parties to rope them into joining the election process. “But the polls will happen, and happen on the slated date, even if the Madhes-based parties refuse to take part,” he added.

The NC leader also accused the UML of trying to incite communal and regional hatred through its activities.