No post-death COVID-19 testing even if it is a suspected case: Health Ministry

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Health and Population (MoHP) today issued an instruction to not test people for coronavirus infection after death even if they are suspected of having contracted the disease.

With this, the sample collection for COVID-19 testing of suspicious deceased will not be performed as practiced currently.

The Ministry's Spokesperson Dr Jageshwor Gautam stated that the decision to this effect has been taken by the Incident Command System wherein in the event of suspicious death of a person following symptoms likely to that of the coronavirus infection, collection of swab samples for PCR testing will not be conducted henceforth.

However, he added that the dead body will be cremated in line with the guidelines prescribed by the ministry. Similarly, those in contact with the deceased will be subjected to remain in quarantine as a safety measure to contain potential spread.

It is being widely reported that the Health Ministry is also looking to halt testing of asymptomatic persons.

It has been learnt that yhe ministry will soon publish directives for the new testing protocol.