No talks on President move: PM

POKHARA: Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal today said that discussion on President’s move in the House, as has been demanded by UCPN-Maoist, was totally out of the question.

PM Nepal, however, said such discussion in the parliament would be possible only if the President was being impeached.

Talking to journalists here in Pokhara, he claimed that political parties had almost reached an agreement to end the current stalemate and the UML and Nepali Congress had just been waiting for the Maoists’ commitment in writing for the same.

The PM came here to take part in a programme organised by the Pokhara University.

“I hope the agreement will be reached soon

and the stalled House businesses will resume from Wednesday,” PM Nepal said.

According to the PM, the Monday’s talks between him and the UCPN-Maoist chairman Prachanda ended on a positive note. He also underscored the need of cordial relationship among the NC, UML and UCPM-Maoist, not only for political agreements but also for the welfare of the nation.

He further said that the new constitution could be promulgated in a rather short span of time in case the three major parties agreed for the purpose.

PM Nepal said the present government would not be toppled as it enjoyed the majority in the parliament.

He, however, said the government could be extended and restructured if the UCPN-Maoist came into agreement.