Normal fuel supply via Gauriphanta resumes

Dhangadhi, December 10

A large number of fuel tankers have been entering the country through the Gauriphanta border point of Kailali after India normalised fuel supply since the last few days.

Following the blockade at border checkpoints, only 25 to 40 percent vehicles carrying fuel were being allowed to enter Nepal. But normal fuel supply has resumed from Monday.

Spokesperson for Nepal Oil Corporation regional office in Dhangadhi, Shivaraj Bhandari, said the Indian Oil Corporation, Banathara had resumed normal fuel supply since the last few days.

“IOC has resumed normal fuel supply. So, the fuel supply situation in the far-western region would normalise within 10 days,” he informed. He said it would take some time for the situation to return to normal as they have also been sending fuel to Kathmandu.

Sources at NOC regional office in Dhangadhi said as many as 56 fuel tankers entered the country from Tuesday to Thursday via the border point. According to the office, six diesel tankers were sent to Kathmandu on Thursday.

Meanwhile, chief of the NOC regional office, Sarad Poudel, said people in the far-west have heaved a huge sigh of relief after fuel supply from India normalised. The office said that it had limited fuel tankers to ferry fuel. The NOC regional office in Dhangadhi has only 66 fuel tankers. The IOC had stopped supplying fuel through the border point after the agitating Madhes-based parties blockaded the border point.