Sherpa guide for the Norwegian climber also tested positive


Two climbers who were evacuated from the Everest Base Camp recently have reportedly tested positive for Covid-19.

According to sources, a Norwegian male climber and an Indian female climber were evacuated from EBC after they complained of altitude sickness. It was later learnt they had tested positive for the infection.

However, two support staffs of the Indian climber were tested negative.

Erlend Ness, the Norwegian climber, hopeful of climbing the top peak this year told AFP that he has been admitted to the hospital and is undergoing treatment. "My diagnosis is Covid-19," he shared with APF.

Meanwhile, the Indian climber is reportedly staying in a Kathmandu-based hotel after staying for five days in a hospital.

The Norwegian climber along with his Sherpa guide have an Everest permit while the Indian climber had obtained one for Lhotse.

Following the identification of Covid-19, movement from one camp to another has been out on hold at the EBC, sources said.

According to APF, Ness has also confirmed that he and his Sherpa have tested positive for the infection to Norwegian broadcaster NRK.

As many as 377 climbers from 40 teams have obtained the permit for Everest climb while 104 climbers from 11 teams have obtained the Lhotse permit.

With additional Sherpa guides and support staff, more than 1000 people have already reached the base camp.