Not everybody loves a good filmfest

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, July 15:

Sharp differences and boycott by a crucial section notwithstanding, organisers of the National Film Festival that kicked off on July 11, are not tired of touting the festival as a success. Yadav

Kharel, coordinator of the festival, said the management of the festival should reconsider the complaints lodged by the dissident section. Speaking at an interaction at the Reporters’ Club Nepal, Yubaraj Lama, member of the organising committee, claimed that despite differences the festival would turn out to be successful. Film critic, Dr Pradeep Bhattarai, said the festival held no significance as it had failed to include people from all quarters who have contributed to the film industry. “The state has used artistes to serve its own political interest,” Bhattarai, who wrote on films for more than a decade, said, adding that he would not write another word on films until total democracy was established in the country. Pushkar Lal Shrestha, senior journalist, opined that people from all sections of society should cooperate in the festival as it was a good beginning for film artistes.

Agitated by the dissidents’ opinions, film producer Ashok Sharma came down heavily on those who termed the festival as politically motivated. Film director Nabin Subba argued that the festival was not aimed at garnering broad-based development of the film industry. “The medium of creative expression (films) has been made a medium of political expression through this festival,” he added. Film producer Uddhab Poudel opined that the film industry had not made any significant progress in the material infrastructure of films over the last half-century. Anup Subedi, film critic, said the management of the film festival had no moral right to hold such a festival. He also blamed it for not paying any heed to make it participatory. “The festival has fostered the culture of slavery and discouraged creativity,” he argued. Actresses Niruta Singh, Bipana Thapa and Rekha Thapa opined that the film festival has encouraged them to dedicate more to the industry. “After all, it is a good beginning,” they said, asking all to cooperate for the festival.