NSP-A claims moral victory for democracy

Kathmandu, January 28:

Nepal Sadbhavana Party- Anandidevi (NSP-A) today said that dearth of candidates for the municipal elections indicates moral defeat of the government and moral victory of the pro-democracy people.

The party today issued a public appeal, urging the people to end the anti-democratic forces forever by boycotting the elections.

“Let’s shatter the obstinacy of the state and establish complete inclusive democracy to provide rights to Madheshis, indigenous and nationalities, Dalits and women,” said, Khushi Lal Mandal, a central committee member of NSP-A, issuing the appeal in a press conference today.

According to the appeal, only two options are left : Either to let the King’s conspiracy get successful which intends to lock the country with conflict by participating in the elections or to force the state to hold elections to the constituent assembly. “The best solution of the problem is none of the two guns but the best way out is to the pressure of the civil society and decision of the people,” it adds.

It added that the state has turned the whole country into a jail after the seven political parties and civil societies decided to boycott the elections. “The government pushed the country to further conflict by saying irresponsibly that the backbone of the Maoists have been broken. Earlier, the understanding between the Maoists and the parties had brought a ray of hope for peace,” it adds.

Mandal said that from 1990, he and his party has been advocating for restructuring the state and providing social justice to people, belonging to all nationalities, regions and women. He added that even after the end of the Rana ruling in 1951, the heads of the state refused to hold elections to constituent assembly though it was announced as early as in 1951.