TRISHULI, NUWAKOT: A campaign has been launched to rid the district of corruption with participation of people's representatives and the government employees. Eight different organisations based in the district are spearheading the anti-corruption drive which kicked off on Friday from Bidur, the district headquarters. The people's representatives and government employees signed a campaign letter against corruption to launch the anti-corruption programmes. District Coordination Committee Chief Santaman Tamang said he was joining the campaign to rid the district of corruption. "The places that we sidestep as simple are the places where extensive corruptions take place," Tamang said, adding "Only when people raise voices on simple things then only can we realise the dream of ridding the district of corruption." Bidur Municipality's Mayor Sanju Pandit stressed the need for support from all the government bodies, organisations and civilians citing that the people's representatives were carrying on the campaign to make the district free of corruption. On the occasion, Local Development Officer Keshar Bahadur Pandit called for focusing on corruption taking place in both non-governmental organisations and government sector. The INSEC, Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ), NGO Federation of Nepal (NFN), Transparency International Nepal, Nuwakot Bar, Community Development Centre, Federation of Community Forestry Users, Nepal (FECOFUN) and Nepal Civil Society Nuwakot among other organisations have jointly launched the anti-corruption drive.