Nuwakot villagers mourn Kargil deaths

Nuwakot, November 26:

The entire Bhalche village in Nuwakot has been mourning the death of three youths of the village who were killed in an explosion in India’s Kargil on Thursday.

Mochha Ghale, Bir Bahadur Ghale and Saku Ghale of Bhalche-7 died when a bomb went off while they were collecting iron scraps at Kurla Banlat area near Kargil on Thursday. “The entire village is mourning. Their death has brought us unstoppable tears,” said Namkel Tamang of Bhalche-2.

The villagers are in a state of shock soon after the news of the unfortunate incident came over the telephone through other villagers who are in Kargil for work.

Mochha had been staying there for the last six years, Bir Bahadur for the last three years and Suku for the last 12 years. At least 150 persons from Bhalche alone are working in Kargil, say the villagers.

Mochha had written to the family that he would be coming home on November 23. But the fate was that her mother Bhagu received the tragic news a day before his scheduled arrival. Since then, she has not recovered from the shock.

Similarly, Suku’s mother Sabu Ghale has remained unconscious after hearing the news about her son’s death. Bir Bahadur’s family is also in shock, Namkel said.

The family members are still not ready to believe the news that was reported in newspapers along with photographs, the villagers said.

The youths’ bodies were cremated by the relatives in Kargil the same day they died, said Megh Bahadur Ghale. While Mochha’s family has started the 13-day death rituals, the families of the other two have not begun the rituals yet.