‘OBOR conference will help develop entrepreneurs’

Hetauda, November 26

Province 3 Chief Minister Dormani Poudel today said the ‘One Belt, One Road conference would help in the development of entrepreneurs around the world.

Addressing a three-day One Belt, One Road conference in Doha, Qatar, today, CM Poudel said the conference would enhance international cooperation.

“The world economy has become wide. Thus, it is important that we uplift the capacity of the economy

for further gains,” CM Poudel  added.

Poudel held that all countries should join hands for economic development and prosperity of the world. He pointed that poverty alleviation was a major challenge facing the world. “Millions of people do not have access to education, health, drinking water, gender equality, among others,” Poudel added.

Poudel said Nepal had adopted federal system after election to the Constituent Assembly.

“Nepal is on the verge of making economic progress and attaining prosperity with political stability firmly grounded in the country,” Poudel stated.

He praised the One Belt One Road initiative and said that direct connection with China would help open doors of economic development to Nepal.

He said that Nepal government was committed to safeguarding the fundamental rights of Nepalis, including food, security, basic

education, primary health, employment, clean environment and social security.