HETAUDA: The Office of Chief Minister and Council of Ministers of Province 3 have proposed the remuneration for the representatives of the local government.

The pay for the Metropolitan Chief has been proposed to Rs 46,000. Similarly, the salary for Deputy Chief and Ward Chair of the Metropolis has been proposed Rs 46,200 and Rs 26,000, respectively.

Likewise, the Council has suggested Rs 40,200 to Mayors, Rs 35,000 to Deputy Mayors and Rs 25,000 to the ward chairs of Sub Metropolitan cities.

According to the sources at the OCMCM, the income of Municipal Chief has been proposed Rs 35,000, Municipal Deputy Chief to Rs 31,000 and ward chair to Rs 22,000.

The salary for Rural Municipality Chiefs has been suggested Rs 31,000 whereas the pay for the deputy chair and ward chair of the RM has been proposed Rs 27,000 and Rs 20,000 respectively.

Moreover, the remuneration of the Chief and Deputy Chief of the District Coordination Committee has been proposed Rs 46,000 and Rs 40,200, respectively.

The Council has also suggested the meeting allowance for the people’s representatives.

Rs 2,000 for member of Metropolitan Working Committee; Rs 1,500 for Sub-Metropolitan; Rs 1,200 for Municipality; and Rs 1000 for Rural Municipality and ward members have been proposed.

Likewise, Rs 1,200 and Rs 1,000 will be provided as communication reimbursement to the members of Metropolitan and Sub-Metropolitan Working Committee.

As per the proposal, all the office-bearer will get 150 US dollar as travel expenses and Rs one million as travel insurance.

The ward members of the metropolis and sub metropolis will be given Rs 2,000 and Rs 1,600 as daily travel reimbursement as per the proposed salary.

Meanwhile, a meeting of the Provincial Council of Ministers held in Hetauda three bills related to economy.

The registered bills will be presented in the provincial meeting.