ODF declaration drive yields opposite results in Far-West

DIPAYAL: Declaration of open defecation-free (ODF) zone without preparing necessary infrastructures in the Far-Western Development Region has rather produced an opposite result than what was expected.

Instead of making the areas clean and hygienic, the declaration without preparation has resulted in pollution and stinking all around.

The makeshift toilets constructed haphazardly are in pity state. The public complaints are on the rise regarding the pollution created by the poor infrastructures.

VDCs and municipalities of the region have resorted to an unhealthy competition to declare themselves ODF in order to make the whole Region ODF by the end of 2015.

According to Parkash Rawal, Engineer at Regional Monitoring and Supervision Office in Dipayal, public awareness campaigns are underway to maintain hygiene at the makeshift toilets.

Many temporary toilets and drinking water projects in the districts are in the limbo after the declaration of ODF zone, as the supporting agencies stopped supporting them.

Far-Western Regional Administrator and Coordinator of the Regional Water Sanitation and Hygiene Co-ordination Committee, Sharad Raj Bista, emphasized that public awareness is must to sustain the existing projects.

Bajura, Achham and Dadheldura districts of the Region have been declared the ODF zones.

The Regional Monitoring and Supervision Office, Dipayal, has informed that six other districts are all set to be declared the ODF zone.