SUNSARI: Supposedly the oldest elephant in the country, Tribhuvankali died in the Koshi Tappu Wild Life Conservation Area this morning.
The 70-year-old old tusker was found dead in a meadow near its stable at around 10 am. According to staffers at the conservation area, Tribhuvankali got an injury on its right hind leg on Monday afternoon. The pachyderm was the oldest tusker in the country, the staffers confirmed. The elephant was brought from Sikaribas of Chitwan National Park in 1950.
The former royals
used the elephant for hunting. Mahout Jagannath Chaudhari said the elephant was sincere. The elephant died due to old age, he added.
Staffer Budhan Chaudhari said Bikramkali,
another elephant of the same age, had died eight years ago in Shuklaphanta Wild Life Conservation Area.
Elephants Shovakali, Ambakali, Rambakali and Laxmikali remain in the conservation area after the death of Tribhuvankali.
However, Barahakali, Hirakali, Prithivikali and Parbatikali have been translocated to Chitwan.