‘Oli-led government has failed’

Dhankuta, November 20

Senior Nepali Congress leader Ramchandra Paudel has termed the government a failure.

“The government has been a total fiasco. There’s no doubt about it and its failure lies in its inability to identify development priorities and the major concerns of people,” said the NC leader, at a press conference organised by Nepal Press Union, Dhankuta, here today.

“It’s very sad to say that the government’s slogan of  Happy Nepali Prosperous Nepal has just remained a mere slogan, as  the two-thirds majority government, pampered by  the votes in the elections, is doing nothing,” said the leader, accusing the government of failing to make good on its tall promises of good governance, justice and development.

“Talking about development, the communist government hasn’t launched even a single project; the only thing it’s doing is unveiling projects started by past governments,” the leader argued.

“People voted for the communist party and pushed it to power but as the party hasn’t done anything to develop the country, it’s almost a sure thing that the people will now choose Congress,” he said.

The NC leader also said the party was committed to purging itself of all ills to restore people’s trust.

Also, the opposition leader accused the government of failing to resolve the border dispute with India despite being a two-thirds majority government.

Responding to journalists, Poudel said his party was ready to accept the court’s verdict regarding the case of Mohammad Aftab Alam.