Man killed in mob fury

MAHENDRANAGAR: A group on Friday beat to death forty-year-old Kaliram Chaudhary of Ultanpur in Sripur village development committee on the charge of practising witchcraft, the Kanchanpur District Police Office said. Chaudhary’s wife Gulabi Rana, who was seriously injured in the attack, has been undergoing treatment in Belauri primary health centre, police added. The police have arrested Sancha Rana, Saheb Rana, Khusiram Rana, Shankar Rana, Kamal Rana, Shukram Rana, Harishchandra Rana and Ran Bahadur Chaudhary on the charge of involvement in the incident. Two accused are still at large. — HNS

Refugee held

BHADRAPUR: The police on Friday arrested Nara Bahadur Rai, a Bhutanese refugee living in hut number 53 in the Beldangi camp of Jhapa, on the charge of possessing a pistol and bullets. Refugees got hold of Rai while he was brandishing a pistol in a brawl with another refugee and handed him over to the police. — RSS

CoAS in army bases

KATHMANDU: Chief of the Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal visited barracks and security bases of the Nepal Army in the eastern region of the country from Thursday to Saturday. During the visit, Katawal offered tika and jamara to members of rank and file on duty at the

barracks and security bases in Namche and Salleri of Solukhumbu, and Rumjatar, Khiji Chandeswari and Sindhulimadhi of Sindhuli. Speaking on the occasions, Katawal lauded the role played by Nepal Army personnel in mitigating risks of natural disasters in different parts

of the country. Katawal also stressed the need to give continuity to humanitarian support targeting disaster victims. — RSS