Headmaster thrashed

BHOJPUR: Maoist cadres thrashed Ekaraj Giri, the headmaster of Birendra Higher Secondary School in Kulung, Bhojpur district, on Thursday, for operating the school during public holiday. The government had declared Thursday a public holiday to commemorate the election of the first president and vice-president of the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Giri had opened the school on Thursday to arrange forms for the supplementary School Leaving Certificate exams. According to sources, the Maoist cadres also robbed Giri and school administration of Rs 32,000. — HNS

Five injured

DANG: Five persons were injured when a tractor heading to Ghorahi from Tulsipur collided with a passenger bus at Hemantpur on the Ghorahi-Tulsipur road on Saturday. According to the Dang District Police Office, the accident occurred when the bus driver tried to overtake the tractor. Anil Gupta, Tulsiram Regmi and Asish Chaudhari were among those injured. — HNS

Party cadre killed

RAJBIRAJ: An unidentified armed group gunned down an activist of Madhesi Virus Killers (MVK) 25-year-old Suresh Ram, a resident of Madhawapur-7, Saptari district, on Friday. The armed took MVK cadre Ram under control while he was going to Trikaul village development committee from his home and shot him dead. His body was recovered from the banks of a

nearby river on Saturday morning, the Saptari District Police Office said. — HNS