Online Media Directive threatens press freedom: FNJ

KATHMANDU: The Federation of Nepali Journalists (FNJ) on Monday objected to the newly issued Online Media Operation Directive, 2016, claiming some of the provisions of the law threaten press freedom.

The FNJ said the Directive undermined the provisions of the freedom of press and the freedom of expression as guaranteed by the Constitution of Nepal, 2015.

The umbrella oraganisation of Nepali journalists said it wanted to draw the government's attention to remove some of the provisions that it labelled 'repressive'.

According to the FNJ, Clause 11 and Clause 21 of the Directive were too authoritative and needed to be revised.

The provisions regarding content censorship, renewal, inspection and monitoring of the online media were too vague, the FNJ statement added.

The organisation, however, welcomed the provisions regarding registration of online media, but said it needed a proper inspection system.

The organistion also drew the government's attention stating that online media needed services, protection and a proper management under the prevailing press laws, instead of repressive provisions.