Orphans get succour

Bajura, September 4

Three kids of Bajura who were left in the lurch following the death of their father and their mother’s elopement, are all set to receive succour from generous hands, thanks to the news report published in this daily yesterday.

Shitalpura Chadara, 14, her 11-year-old sister Panasha and seven-year-old brother Ganga of Kolti-4, Siradi, had been left to fend for themselves ever since their father Phagune died in an accident about six years ago and their mother eloped with another man four years ago.

The kids had been staying with their grandparents, who in their sixties, could barely support themselves, let alone look after the kids.

Following the publication of news, Shahi Samaj Sewa Nidhi has pledged 280,000 rupees as succour for the hapless children.

Similarly, Federation of Nepali Journalists central vice-chairperson and Nepal Television journalist Anita Bindu has pledged to provide 10,000 rupees to the kids.

Likewise, Chetana Sandesh Sarlahi Nepal has pledged to support the education of the youngest of the three till the higher secondary level.

“After reading about their plight, we decided to support them in whatever way we could,” said Shahi Samaj Sewa Nidhi Chairman Sundarmani Dixit, adding, “A fund of Rs 250,000 will be deposited in a bank in the name of the kids and the interest will be provided to cover necessary expenses for education and the likes.”

According to him, the organisation will support expenses for clothes, food and education materials for the first six months.

Further, Dixit, on behalf of the organisation, also pledged Rs 30,000 for the treatment of the kids’ ailing grandfather Dip Chandara. He has been bed-ridden for the past three months.

Though the Primary Health Post in Kolti had advised him to go to a better health facility for treatment, he was forced to stay home without treatment given the lack of fund.

Meanwhile, social worker Basudha Gurung also showed interest in helping the kids. “After learning about their plight, I have been consulting my friends regarding how we could help them,” she said.