Outcry over social ills like dowry

JANAKPURDHAM: Speakers at a programme organised by the National Women’s Commission today stressed the need of more proactive role of the government bodies and front line leaders to remove traditional practices such as dowry, witch hunting and burqa-wearing in the society.

Speakers also expressed concern about victims of such maladies not being able to lodge complaints to authorities concerned due to prevalence of such superstitious and backward thinking in the society.

Violence against women is on the rise due to the ignorance of authorities concerned while registering such complaints. Member of the commission Manju Kumari Yadav said violence against women has remained as a stumbling block on the path to attaining equality in the country.

CDO Shambhu Koirala opined that the wide prevalence of the dowry system was nourishing the culture of corruption. SP Yadav Raj Khanal urged everyone to file cases of such social maladies in the administration.