Over 1,400 children living in vulnerable condition in Jajarkot

JAJARKOT: As many as 1,400 children are living in a vulnerable situation in Jajarkot, according to a data collected from seven local levels of the district by Women and Children Office, Jajarkot.

According to the data made public on Monday, among the children, girls have been found more vulnerable than the boys in the district.

At least 674 boys and 695 girls have been living in a vulnerable condition, Shakuntala Acharya, In-charge of Women and Children Office shared.

Although a large number of children are in a miserable condition, the local government has been turning deaf to the problem.

The children at-risk are defined to be orphan, street children and those having a poor economic condition of the family.

There is a high chance that the number of children at risk can go up collection of data is yet to be carried out in all wards, Women and Children Office said.

Around 34 children were rescued this fiscal year, the office source added.

Various stakeholders have accused the local government of not allocating any budget for education, food and shelter targeting vulnerable children in the district.