Pangolin conservation campaign launched in Kavre district

Kavre, October 18

Pangolin Conservation Campaign has kicked off with a view to protecting rare mammals in Kavre.

A research carried out by Nepal Rural Development and Environment Conservation Council has shown that most of the community forests of Mahabharat range are home to pangolins in southern Kavre. The council launched the Save Pangolin Campaign as smuggling of pangolin hide became rampant. Researcher Pratibha Kaspal at the council said that if the natural habitats were not saved soon the black pangolins might become extinct within fifteen years. “The reproduction rate of black pangolin is too low and it is one of the rarest animals in the world”, Kaspal added.

According to Kaspal, black pangolins are available in many forests of Khopasi, Ugratara, Janagal, Mahadebsthan, Panchkhal, Jyamdi in Kavre. “The research is still going on, but we have found two types of pangolins in Kavre”, Kaspal added.

District Forest Office Kavre has said most of the forests in Kavre are home to pangolins. Asia alone is home to four species of the rare mammal. Of them, Nepal has only two types: black and copper (tame species).

Kaspal stressed on the urgency to protect the rare species of pangolins.