Parliament meeting starts, Madhesi Front lawmakers protest

KATHMANDU: The Parliament started after a delay of over four hours on Saturday evening.

Some leaders claimed that the major parties and agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front have forged an agreement to endorse one of the proposals to amend the Bill on First Amendment of Constitution of Nepal, and resolve the ongoing agitation in Tarai-Madhes region through the constitution amendment.

Speaking at the House, Tarai-Madhesh Democratic Party's Sarvendra Nath Shukla, however, expressed objection to the move to amend the constitution unilaterally, according to our correspondent Prakash Acharya.

Shukla said the amendment proposal was incomplete, and it would not meet the agitating parties' demand for resolving the issues through a package deal.

Altogether 24 amendment proposals on the bill were registered, while the House concluded clause-wise discussion on the bill yesterday.

Following that, the Madhesi lawmakers started chanting slogans, while the Speaker gave green signal to carry out the House proceedings.

Currently, Law Minister Agni Kharel is responding to the lawmakers' views on the bill.

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