Parties apathetic towards statute, says Veep

DHANGADHI: Vice-president Parmananda Jha today accused the political parties of being indifferent to the statute drafting process.

Talking to journalists at the Dhangadi airport, he said, “Why do you compel me to voice this? All of you are well aware that political parties and their leaders have been indifferent towards drafting the constitution.”

“Had they been responsible and accountable, the constitution would have been drafted and peace process would have reached a logical conclusion by now.” He is in Dhangadi while on his way to Haridwar, India.

Expressing doubts over the promulgation of the statute by May 28, he said, “The constitution can be drafted within the deadline if political parties so desire, they are the legitimate forces to do that.” He also claimed that the parties, their leaders and other stakeholders only seemed upbeat, but no one had been serious enough to accomplish the crucial task.

Responding to queries on his tour, he said the tour is a personal one and he will be visiting the the Kumbha Mela and meeting sadhus in Haridwar.

Security was tightened along the Dhangadi-Atariya road section for the arrival of the Vice-President. According to Kailali Chief District Officer, Gehanath Bhattrai, the vice-president will leave for Haridwar tomorrow.