Parties step up election campaigning in Bara

Bara, November 17

With the date for upcoming elections drawing closer, political parties in Bara have intensified their publicity campaigns. Elections in the district are slated for December 7.

While programmes such as cadre meet, training, corner meeting and election campaigning are happening on almost daily basis, political parties have adopted construction of embankment, roads and prioritisation of Madhes issues as their major poll agendas. Candidates of major political parties seem very confident about their victory in the district.

The district has four constituencies and tough battle among candidates of Nepali Congress, Madhesi alliance and the leftist alliance is expected. Former health minister and NC candidate Umakanta Chaudhary, RJP-N’s Ram Kishor Prasad Yadav representing the Madhesi alliance, and UML’s former politburo central member Achyut Mainali from the left alliance are contesting from Constituency-1.

Similarly, while CPN-Maoist Centre’s Shivachandra Prasad Kushwaha, former lawmaker and NC former district president Radhechandra Yadav and Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal’s Ram Sahaya Prasad Yadav are competing from Constituency-2, Minister for Labour and Employment Pharmullah Mansur of NC, UML leader Adhyanand Pandeya from the left alliance and FSF-N’s district chair Rambabu Kumar Yadav are in the poll race from Constituency-3.

Likewise, RJPN’s Ekbal Miyan, NC’s Lalbabu Singh Bhumihar and left alliance’s Dev Narayan Tharu are contesting polls from Constituency-4.