Parties struggling to pick candidates

Dhangadi, April 12

Though political parties have intensified their election-related activities keeping in view the fast-approaching election date, they are, however, said to be really hard put picking official candidates from among a host of aspirants wishing to try their luck in Kailali.

Though the aspiring candidates are relatively less in the case of CPN-MC, UML and Congress are said be really struggling to select their candidates.

As for Dhangadi, the only sub-metropolis of Province 7, the NC general convention representative Krishna Bahadur Mahara and Town President Nripa Oda are in the frontline of the aspirant candidates for mayorship.

From the UML, former lawmaker Naradmuni Rana and party district Secretary Rana Bahadur Chand are seen as major contenders for the ticket to run for the post.

Similarly, from CPN-MC, five names are being considered for the top post, three leaders of Rastriya Prajatantra Party are in line to get the ticket from the party for the post. Also, there has been a lot of talk about chances of Sundar Far-west Campaign campaigner Gopal Hamal, who is also a famous industrialist of this region, running as an independent candidate for the post.

Elsewhere, in Godawari Municipality, which is also known as the gateway to the far-west region, parties are facing similar challenge selecting their election candidates. The selection has been painstaking also because major parties have made the election and its outcome an issue of prestige.

Here, while CPN-MC has declared Gokarna Bhatta as its candidate for the post of mayor, UML and NC are in the process of making their respective picks.

Here, NC leader Hem Prakash Upreti and Birendra Bhatta are seen as likely personalities to be obliged with the ticket for mayor by the party, whereas UML veteran leader Khamba Budha, along with others, namely, Krishna Subedi, Chun Kumari Chaudhary and Bhim Bogati are seen as prospective candidates for the ticket.

Political parties are yet to declare their candidates for mayor in other municipalities as well, namely Gauriganga, Ghodaghodi and Bhajani Trishakti. As for Bhajani Trishakti and Gauriganga, parties are expected to select their candidates from the local Tharu community in order to win the votes of the indigenous community here.

Kailali has a total of 12 local bodies, including six municipalities and as many rural municipalities.