Party unification first: CPN MC leader Pokharel

BIRATANAGAR: CPN Maoist Centre leader and Minister without portfolio Girirajmani Pokharel has said unification of the Maoist Centre and CPN-UML should be held prior to formation of the new government.

Speaking at a press meet organised by Press Centre Morang in Biratnagar this morning, Pokharel said that the people have given the mandate to the left alliance for party unification.

Stating that conspiracies are being hatched to split the left alliance, the MC leader also added that formation of government beyond the left alliance would go against the people's mandate.

Regarding the ordinance on formation of the National Assembly and appointments of State Chiefs, Pokharel said that all major parties should forge consensus.

Pokharel also emphasised the importance of carrying out development work for the prosperity of Madesh region and to prevent it from being the centre of conflicts.

The new government would work for the development of the country with social justice, equality, prosperity, and socialism, Pokharel stated.

He added that the public seek facilities, security, and stability among others, and have given the mandate to the left alliance to implement their ‘progressive agenda’.