Kavre, August 25:

Nepal Human Rights Organisation (NHRO) central president Sudip Pathak today urged the civil society to rise up and press the government to hold the constituent assembly (CA) polls as scheduled. He

was speaking in an interaction programme of the district chapter of the NHRO at Banepa.

Pathak said: “If the CA polls is not held as scheduled, then the government will have no validity. A countrywide public agitation is needed to ensure timely CA polls.” He pointed out that there was no rationale for postponing the polls, especially when it’s publicity is already on as the Election Commission is preparing and the political parties are campaigning in the villages. Pathak stressed that there was no justification for the political parties to talk about postponing the polls. Referring to the Maoists’ act, Pathak said: “The CA polls is not for any party alone, instead it is for the people.”

Kavre chief district officer Kabiraj Khanal and Nepali Congress district leader Madhu Acharya also urged the political parties to make the CA poll a timely success.