Pathology labs run without conforming to govt standards

Ravi Dahal

Birgunj, April 4:

About a dozen pathology laboratories in Birgunj and adjoining areas do not conform to the standards laid by the Health Technician Policy-2060 and the Health Service Related Policy-2061.

People are deprived of proper treatment because of faulty test reports produced by such sub-standard pathology laboratories.

Lack of proper monitoring mechanism has resulted in the mushrooming of sub-standard pathology laboratories, Dr Madhusudan Acharya, president of the Parsa unit of the Nepal Medical Association, said, adding the health centres ignore warnings by the local administration.

While it is mandatory that stool, urine, blood and other things should be tested only by trained and certified manpower, this rule is being violated in most of the laboratories, where the sub-ordinates and helpers conduct tests increasing chances of faulty results which may have adverse effects in the patients who undergo medications based on the test results. It is reported that there are only two trained and certified pathologists in Birgunj.

There is a provision that any pathology laboratory operator should obtain permission from the Health Services Department or its regional directorate. Any such laboratory should also be registered with the Department of Cottage Industries.

The Parsa district Cottage Industry Office chief Ram Prasad Adhikari said they were having problems in monitoring the health laboratories because they are unaware about the standards the laboratories should conform to.

So much so, hospitals, medical colleges and nursing homes in Parsa have not conformed to the provision that they should appoint at least one pathology specialist, it is reported.