Patient’s death sparks tension at NMC

Biratnagar, July 21

Tension ran high at Nobel Medical College, Kanchanbari, Biratnagar after a person, who had undergone knee surgery, died today.

Anil Kumar Sah, 50 of Sunsari’s Duhabi Municipality had died. Irate locals, relatives and family members staged a rally at the hospital alleging that Sah had died due to doctor’s negligence.

Sah’s left leg had received a cut after he fell from the motorbike at his home last Tuesday. After being admitted to NMC, Sah’s leg was bandaged and he was sent back home asking him to get back to the hospital for follow-up on  Friday.

Sah was admitted to the hospital last Friday, and advised to undergo surgery immediately. His relatives consented. However, Sah was taken to the ICU after surgery and declared dead this morning.

Sah’s younger brother Pradip said doctor’s negligence had killed his brother. “He was normal when he was admitted to the hospital. He was announced dead all of a sudden after surgery,” Pradip added. Family members and locals have refused to take the body demanding action against guilty doctors and reparation for the deceased’s family.

A team of doctors led by Dr Sandip Adhikari had operated on Sah’s knee.

Administrative Officer Narayan Dahal of NMC, however, refuted the allegation of negligence. “The patient died in the course of treatment as he experienced cardiac attack while he was being shifted to the ward from the operation theatre,” Dahal added.