Peace lamp flickering in salon for 4 yrs

Pokhara, November 25:

Rajendra Thakur, a hairdresser and the proprietor of the Bahudal Hair Cutting Centre, at Gairapatan (Pokhara), has been keeping an earthen lamp lighted at his salon for the last four years.

He said he will stop lighting the lamp after the successful completion of elections to the constituent assembly.

Thakur (41), who is originally from Bihar, has been keeping the lamp lit in his saloon since July 17, 2003.

“I will keep it lit until lasting peace returns to Nepal and there is an end to incidents of violence and murder in the country,” said Thakur.

He has run hair-dressing salons in different parts of Nepal.

“Earlier, those visiting my salon used to think I was insane. Now, however, people are appreciating me,” said Thakur.

“Everyone wants good governance. The Nepali people should work together for good governance in the country,” he said.

“Had the leaders been loyal to the nation and the people in the past, the people would not have had to face difficulties,” said Thakur, adding, “People lost their faith in the leaders because of the leaders’ activities.”