Peaceful stir to press King for talks

Himalayan News Service

Kathmandu, April 7:

Leaders of the major political parties today said they would launch peaceful agitation to bring the King into dialogue process, but kept mum over Nepali Congress’ demand for the revival of the dissolved House of Representatives.

“Peaceful movement is essential to prevent the King from becoming more authoritative and the Maosits from continuing arms struggle,” said CPN-UML standing committee member Modnath Prasrit, addressing an interaction at the Reporters’ Club.

He said the King and the democratic forces will have to start talks as the international situation is not favourable for the King to continue with his February 1 move for long.

Asked whether his party would agree on the NC’s demand for the reinstatement of the parliament, Prasrit said: “The demand is just like cold pizza which nobody likes to test.” He stressed the need for an all-party government to resolve the present political stalemate.

Central Working Committee member of the Nepali Congress Bhim Bahadur Tamang, however, argued that many problems facing the country would be resolved with the reinstatement of the parliament. Tamang said an all-party government would be feasible if the House was restored. Tamang said the state of emergency was imposed with a sole motive of introducing an authoritarian rule in the country. He said the Maoist problem can be resolved, provided that the state becomes sincere to address root causes of insurgency.

RPP spokesperson Rosan Karki said her party was not in favour of launching any agitation. She rather pointed out the need for holding dialogue with the King. “But the government should prepare a conducive environment for holding talks with the parties,” she said. She asked the agitating parties to be clear about their agenda before holding talks with the King. She said her party was in favour of an all-party government, not the revival of the dissolved House.

Acting chairman of the NC-D Gopal Man Shrestha said the country would plunge into further crisis unless a meaningful dialogue is held between the King and the parties. He justified peaceful agitation to resolve the conflict that existed between the King and the parties.