People make the nation: Shailja to King

Kathmandu, November 7:

Senior Nepali Congress (NC) leader Shailja Acharya today reminded King Gyanendra that the people are the nation and that the institution of monarchy would cease to exist if the nation ceases to do so.

“It is the responsibility of the King to explore a way out. It appears that he has not yet understood the seriousness of the situation and is thus becoming more authoritarian. He is showing no indication of finding a way out,” Shailja told reporters at her residence.

For one still regarded as a centrist figure in the party at a time when the outfit led by GP Koirala has given indication of even parting ways with the institution of monarchy, Shailja reinforced the general view that the monarch must understand that people are synonymous with the nation and that he can expect to be relevant only if he goes along with the pro-parliamentary forces.

Pointing to the unfolding scenario whereby the political forces are fast polarising either around those seeking monarchy or those clamouring for a republican order, Shailja expressed regret at the “highly critical situation which has left the nation in a state of civil war.”

She also came down heavily on the political parties for failing to ensure a safe-landing for the nation, making it clear that it is the crucial juncture in the history of a nation which tests the strength of the leaders involved.

“Constitutional forces face a test through constitutional crises. The role of external forces becomes decisive when internal forces fail to solve anything.

Nepal is facing exactly this situation. What is at stake is the future and destiny of the nation,” Shailja added.She stressed that it was time for one and all to come together and seek a solution through the 1990 Constitution.

“The King must open dialogue to come to a consensus. If he does not make a suitable move, the nation will be entering an even more critical and grave phase,” she warned.