People want issues settled earliest

Kathmandu, October 10:

The last three days have been nerve-wracking for those committed to somehow salvage the institution of monarchy. With today’s talks ending in an impasse, those defending the remnants of the old order are in for two more days of harrowing time . The day began with the hope that the alliance might leave monarchy to the vagaries of a referendum .

The alliance (read PM Girija Prasad Koirala) might agree on at least a section of the demand was becoming perceptible last night on television talk shows, given the optimism some of the leaders exuded .

The nagging issues are how to disarm the Maoists and how to dissolve the House of Representatives before paving the way to an interim legislature, interim government and election to a constituent assembly. A large section of the people want it faster enough. The fact that a desired announcement is in the air becomes evident from the way the government has decided to reconstitute the Election Commission (EC) Koirala and Prachanda, could be recommended for even the Nobel Peace Prize for the year if they usher the nation into a bright morrow.