Nepali Congress General Secretary and Chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee Krishna Prasad Sitaula on Thursday said it would be injustice to people if promulgation of the new constitution was further delayed.

Speaking at a function organised in Manthali of Ramechhap, Sitaula said the constitution would be promulgated within a month.

He said the parties had reached understanding to issue the statute though much was left to be done. “If the statute is not issued within the stipulated date, it will be too late and people will lose trust in the leaders,” he said.

Sitaula argued that the draft was framed with the special initiatives of his party. He further claimed that the first draft of the statute had incorporated the voices of all.

Sitaula said his party was not ready to compromise on democracy. “As it is the first draft, it can be amended anytime,” he said.

He urged all his party cadres to follow BP’s political doctrine, as his ideas are still relevant and inspirational.

SLC graduates in the last year’s test, laborious peasants and democracy fighters were felicitated at the programme.