People with HIV face social discrimination in Bajura

BAJURA: Many families and individuals with HIV infection have fallen prey to public discrimination in Bajura. Some of them are barred to use public water taps while others are not welcomed in public events and even hospitals.

Locals of Triveni Municipality-7 have warned Pan Singh BK, his wife Goma BK and 4-year-old son Naresh BK not fetch water from nearby public spout just because they carry HIV.

“They have been warning me since the past one week,” BK said, “Locals say that if we fetch water from the tap or attend public events others will get infected too.” I have orally complained about the issue to Ward Chair Prem Thapa, he added.

According to Ward Chair Thapa, legal steps will be taken against those who discriminate following a thorough investigation into the case.

At present, 1500 people with a majority of them hailing from marginalised communities carry HIV in Bajura district and only 49 of them take Antiretroviral (ART) medications, District Health Office stats show.

Poor economic condition and social discrimination have made our lives worst, Lali Saud of Barha-Bis grieved.