Petroleum crisis hits private banks hard

Nawalparasi, October 16

Banking transactions in Nawalparasi have been affected badly due to the ongoing fuel crisis in the country.

Fuel crisis has hit private banks the hardest. Almost all private banks in Nawalpur area have halted services after they could not operate generators during load shedding hours.

“We cannot withdraw cash from the banks due to load shedding,” said Rachana Bhandari, a service seeker of Kawasoti. Pabitra Poudel from Kawasoti said she was unable to carry out important works as she could not withdraw money from banks.

Private banks in the area are said to have been providing banking services only when electricity is available.

Meanwhile, Kawasoti-based Prabhu Development Bank Chief Saroj Timilsina said the bank could not operate during load shedding hours as all the works were done through computers. He said the state ought to take initiatives to make the fuel easily accessible to banks.