Phidim school tense over replacement row

PHIDIM: The Mechi Boarding School in Phidim, district headquarters of Panchthar, remained tense throughout the day today as disgruntled teens and a science teacher clashed in the school premises.

The tension ensued after the regular Nepali teacher Balaram Koirala was replaced by the science teacher Jimi Yakhkha's wife Maya Rai by the school Management.

The 10th graders expressed their dissatisfaction over Koirala's replacement as such a move would disturb their studies at the mid of the academic session.

During a meeting called by the school management to discuss the situation today, the students had stressed the difficulties they would face replacing teacher.

The students' concerns instantly infuriated Yakhkha and he subsequently chased away and kicked three students including Denis Bista.

The victims' classmates had retaliated and shouted against the teachers and the school.

Some guardians also reached the school and protested the management decision.

Meanwhile, Vice-Principal Kul Raj Limbu said the school management had expressed its apology with the guardians.

He, however, maintained that the situation was yet to be resolved.

The guardians have demanded action against Yakhkha for his violent behaviors with his students