PLA fighters appear

Jhapa, March 25:

Rajan Karki, who was against the present education system during the Maoists’ Peoples’ War, is appearing in SLC exams this year.

He said, “I am not appearing in the exam to support the present education system, but I am just utilising the leisure time.”

He added, “We didn’t have time for studies during the war, now I am utilising my leisure time in the cantonment.” Around 400 PLA personnel of the First Division in Chulachuli are appearing in the SLC exams this year.

Military secretary of the division Naresh said, “The PLA fighters have prepared a lot to for the exams,”adding,”We had managed classes for them inside the cantonment.” Another PLA fighter Sapana, who is also appearing in the exams, said, “Education is important for the future. So I am appearing in the exams.”

She claimed that she was not appearing in the exam to get a higher post in the Nepali Army after the integration of PLA and the NA.

Exam superintendent Khodnath Chapagain said, “We have managed a separate room for 78 PLA examinees.” He added that the PLA fighters appeared in the exams today in a disciplined manner. According to Naresh, 400 PLA fighters from Tandi,Yangshila of Morang and Danabari of Ilam were appearing in exams.