Sindhulimadi, May 6 Five years ago, the government had announced its plan to develop Sindhuli’s Khurkot into a model city, but the plan is yet to pick up pace due to the government’s apathy towards allocating the budget required for the same. Khurkot was one of the 10 places in the country that the government, around five years back, had proposed to develop into model cities. But all these years, precious little has happened. As per estimates, Rs 5 to 6 billion will be required to materialise the plan of the model city that is expected to have all basic amenities, such as roads, drinking water, electricity, playground, and effective waste management to cater to a population between 50,000 and 100,000. To achieve the government plan, a project office was set up in Khurkot around two years ago to implement the project. So far, it has only managed to open the track of a 21-km road and blacktopped 3 km of that road. According to Model City Project Office Khurkot Chief Samun Salike, they are receiving a measly 120 to 140 million rupees budget every year. “Though we’ve already collected details of the land in Khurkot that is 678 ropani and started work, the land here, however, is not enough to develop a model city,” Salike said, adding land management is under way after dividing the land in 42 blocks. Further, Salike lamented the lack of budget to expedite the project. “Though the government set a target of completing the project in five years, it never allocated the required budget, hence the slow progress,” he said. “Drinking water, road, electricity, playground and waste management are the basic amenities required in a model city, but as the land here is not enough, we’re mulling over how we could accommodate all these things,” he said. “As per the government guidelines, there should be open space, which must be at least 5 per cent of the total area occupied by the model city, but given the barely enough land that is available, we don’t know how we will manage the open space,” Salike added.