Plan to heal war wounds

Kathmandu, June 20:

The Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction today came up with a three-year relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction plan to mitigate effects of the decade-long conflict. Minister for Peace and Reconstruction Ram Chandra Poudel made public the plan at a press conference at the ministry.

The aim of the plan is to provide relief to the conflict-affected people, create employment opportunity for the affected people and reconstruct physical infrastructure and ensure lasting peace, human rights and secured environment, said a statement issued by the ministry.

The policy of the three-year plan is to implement the peace accord reached between the government and the Maoist and implement the common minimum programme of the interim government, implement programmes to include marginalised communities into mainstream politics, run special programmes for excluded communities and manage and integrate the Maoist combatants.

The ministry has a plan to provide relief to the conflict-affected and displaced families, provide training, employment and create income-generating opportunities for them, expand the basic social services, reconstruct the destroyed infrastructure and launch awareness and reconciliation programmes for lasting peace.

Targeted communities of the plan include the families of those killed during the conflict, families of all those recognised as martyrs so far, families of the disappeared, politically-victimised people, freed-Kamaiyas, poorest of the poor and homeless Dalits, displaced families, conflict-affected children, elderly ones and helpless women.

Persons who will be disqualified and discharged following the verification of the Maoist combatants will also benefit from the plan. People who are affected by the Madhesi movement in one or the other form and government employees forced to quit jobs for

fear of intimidation will also benefit from the plan.

Minister Poudel said that the fund constituted under the Peace Fund will be utilised to run programmes through Poverty Alleviation Programme, Grameen Swabalamban Karyakram, Grammen Bikas Bank, Agriculture Development Bank. Institutions associated with micro-credit scheme will be channelled to execute the plan.

UNDP and other programmes handled by donor agencies will also be pressed into services to achieve the goal, said the statement. The statement said that the three-year plan will be monitored by the centre and implemented at the district-level.