PM Deuba inaugurates Chameliya hydel project in Prov 7

DHANGHADI: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has inaugurated the national pride project, Chameliya Hydropower in Darchula, Province 7 amid a ceremony held on Saturday.

Speaking on the occasion, the prime minister said that province 7 can emerge as a rich region if the water resources are optimally utilised.

“I am very happy to formally inaugurate the hydropower project,” Deuba said while expressing his gratitude towards all the stakeholders, “Province 7 has big rivers like Karnali and Mahakali which makes me believe that this Region can emerge as the wealthiest by utlising water resources.”

Chameliya Hydropower project has an installed capacity of 30 megawatt and it started generating electricity after 11 years of construction. China’s Gezhouba Group Corporation had been overseeing the construction of the project initiated with a target-cost of Rs 8.34 billion. The project cost now stands at Rs 16 billion upon completion.

Chameliya Hydropower Project funded by Government of Nepal and Republic of Korea through Economic Development Corporation Fund had added 15 megawatt of electricity to the national grid on January 12, 2018.